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I'm Danilo Fiocco, an illustrator, user interface designer
and user experience designer based in Brazil.
Below you will find some of my works ranging from logo design
through to illustration, animation and user interface.
You can find out more about me on the links above or by downloading my resume in PDF format here. Also, make sure to drop me
a line at danilo.fiocco@gmail.com


Owl Escape
Owl Escape
A game in which you climb higher and higher in order to stay away from a hungry dragon. You can also turn into an Elementowl by collecting blue souls along the way, those Elementowls give you powers that make you invincible, climb faster or even summon rocky patches of land to make your ascent safer. Developed by the talented folks at Smyowl.
Get it at the Play Store!
Zombie Racer
Cave Coaster
Runner-style game for mobile devices where I was responsible for the UX, art direction, illustration and animation. Developed by the talented folks at Smyowl.
It's already available for Android devices and coming soon to iOS and Windows. Download it now and see if you can beat my hi-score =P
Also, make sure to check out the promo video here.
Hipsterstein's Monster
Hipsterstein's Monster - Illustration
Beware the monster! It lurks every coffee shop or sushi bar with its vintage camera, photographing everyone and everything. He also likes to sip on his Steinbucks' coffee
Cupcake Monsters
Cupcake Monsters - Illustration
Another personal illustration depicting monsters that take the shape of cupcakes to prey upon unsuspecting victims
Sprite City
Sprite City - Game
A game for the iPad I did while at Ci&T. I got to create the logo, animations, user interface and the city itself.
It ended up being awarded "App of the day" at the FWA
Zombie Racer
Zombie Racer - Illustration
A character I did for a fictional Mario Kart-ish game for the 3DS and iPhone
The Source
The Source - Branding
Branding for a collaborative intranet application.
It was featured in Brand Magazine in 2012 as one of the top futuristic-looking brands that year